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Salary Transparency

People get really weird when the topic of money comes up. For me, I grew up in your in your Standard Issue Middle Class Household where the only real concerns about money were around expensive things. Car repairs were never an issue, I always got the new game console within a year or two of it coming out, and our house was pretty alright.

Then I turned twelve. My family fell into poverty, my parents split up, and now I lived in a single income household where my mother made a whopping $9 an hour. For those in the know, this is not a liveable wage. At one point, people who were freshly hired at her company ended up making more than her, which is absurd. Pay inequity doesn't happen to only minorities; it happens to anyone who doesn't speak up.

Rather than trying to sniff out how much my coworkers and other people in my industry make, I'd rather share mine so people have an idea of where they sit (and so others can tell me when I'm being underpaid). It's only a single datapoint, but that's much better than no datapoint.

This idea was inspired by Xe Iaso, who does something very similar.


Not including stock options, for simplicity's sake.

Date Salary Notes
2023-10-01 $136,000 Yearly Raise
2023-04-01 $131,110 Promotion, 15% bonus target
2022-10-01 $117,590 Yearly Raise
2022-01-01 $110,940 "Market Adjustment"
2021-07-19 $97,110 Hired, 10% bonus target