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Visiting Heaven

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Alexander stepped foot into Heaven.

Most people thought Heaven was a utopia, but that was before the angels moved in. The Bible did not do the place justice1. Oh, don't be mistaken, the angels built a massive "shining city" which put Valhalla to shame. Every single angel had an incredibly military training given by the most competent warriors in history. When asked, not a single angel had a bad thing to say about Heaven.

That was its problem. Alexander knew the reason no one said anything bad about heaven. If you did, then Adam would smite you. For some reason, that tyrant ruled the place, and the dipshit made it a target goal for no one to have any criticism of the place.

This can be achieved in one of two ways:

  1. Adress every single problem that could exist, even if they have conflicting and/or incompatible solutions;
  2. Realize that Stockholm Syndrome is a powerful tool.

Adam didn't tell his subordinates to groom every angel to be a mindless husk of a being with no thoughts except "Heaven good," and yet, that's what happened. The only free thinkers were the Archangels, and only one of those wasn't a monster. That's what happened when you gave Vlad, Mao, and Genghis near absolute power. To be honest, the amount of control Adam had over those feral beasts impressed Alexander.

Alexander knew why the angels adopted him: conquest. They wanted his help in conquering Ghena and Eden. Did he want to live a life of war and battle? If they asked him right after his death, then yes, but not anymore. That life of slaughter did not appeal to him anymore, but the angels thrived on it. The sane soldiers held back the feral ones in the moments before battle. Generals talked not of liberation but of enslavement. Cooks and maids lamented being unable to stab their foes. Not a single one ever questioned their motivations. For an angel, killing was enough of a reward.

Four minutes after becoming an angel, he had enough. Alexander turned his back to Heaven and stepped through the gate to Arcadia.


To be fair, the Bible was written nearly 14,000 years before Heaven was discovered.